About the Brand

Eilionoir Graböv Beauté is the result of a combination of scientific qualifications in the field of cosmetology, cosmetics chemistry and medicine with extensive experience in the Anti-Age speciality.
The Eilionoir Graböv brand was created from the need to look at a woman and a man as an individual and leave the mass customer service and is the beginning of a new era of personalized cosmetics. Cosmetic treatments on offer are subjected to rigorous tests in terms of effectiveness and safety.

Our mission is

To show the world the beauty secrets of every human,
that would become the most
beautiful version of himself.

We focus on...

Individual approach

Prevention of the effects of time loss

Look at the outside beauty through the eyes of the whole organism.

Self-confidence and knowledge of your own attractiveness

Brand creator

Ewelina Grabarczyk, the founder of the Eilionoir Graböv Beauté brand, a specialist in the field of anti-aging and a precursor of personalized cosmetics. Cosmetologist, master in cosmetics chemistry engineering, specialist in Spa&Wellness, cosmetics services technician. Member of the Swiss Association SSAAMP Swiss Society for Anti-Aging Medicine and Prevention.

  • Polytechnics University – Faculty: Chemical Engineering and Technology, major: cosmetics chemistry technologist,
  • Medical University – Faculty: Pharmacy, major: cosmetology
  • MSP Academy of Health and Beauty Protection – as Spa&Wellness specialist.

Practical vocational training trainer; trainer in the field of anti-aging medicine, cosmetology, classic cosmetics. As a speaker she has participated in many conferences, seminars and international shows.
Passionate about alternative medicine and naturotherapy. The obtained knowledge translates successfully in everyday cosmetology work and in rejuvenation therapies. Having 15 years of professional experience gained in various European countries, she has developed her own protocols of treatments, methods as well as a special anti-aging massage on deep tissues. The main purpose of her work is to postpone the aging process, not only on the skin, but rejuvenation of the whole organism.