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CHF 870.00 - session of 3 treatments +home care products | CHF 740.00 - session of 3 treatments for teenagers 13-17 years with confirmation from parents (present)
ca. 60 min
Treatment Session



What is acne?

Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebum glands of the skin. The most common form of acne is acne vulgaris, which mainly affects adolescents and usually disappears after the age of 30. Around 70% of patients have a mild form of acne, a so-called comedone acne. In 30% of the patients develop moderate (papulopustular acne) to severe and very severe forms with cyst formation and scarring. During puberty, the body produces more androgens (testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone) in both young men and young women. It is important for understanding the origin and treatment of acne that the enzyme 5-alpha reductase converts the testosterone into the biologically active form dehydrotestosterone (DHT). If you now have the genetic predisposition to make the sebum glands hypersensitive to DHT, an acne vulgaris develops.

So an increased production of androgens is not decisive for the development of acne, but instead whether the sebum glands react excessively to the DHT! What follows is increased sebum production. The follicles expand and eventually become blocked when the ducts from above are additionally closed by excessive keratinization (hyperkeratosis). Comedones emerge from the clogged pores. These can be black or white. Physiologically, our skin has a flora that includes Corynebacteria, Prionibacteria and Staphylococci. If these bacteria penetrate the blackheads, they multiply in them and cause purulent inflammation (pustules). If the acne is severe and very severe, pustules can also form cysts and scars.

Since there are many sebaceous glands especially on the face, chest, back andarms, the typical skin changes develop there.



At my practice in St. Gallen, I use the Acnelan system from Mesoestetic for the external treatment of mild to severe acne. These are modern, dermatological peeling treatments. Developed by dermatologists. The treatments heal the painful inflammation, deep pore cleansing and healthy skin renewal. The effective treatments in my practice are perfectly complemented by the right home care products. The results speak for themselves. The patented so-called m. Acne complex TM included. This complex acts on all triggering symptoms of acne:

  • inhibition of 5-alpha reductase,
  • exposure of the sebum canal,
  • reduction of sebum production,
  • control of bacterial growth,
  • reduction of redness and swelling,
  • alleviation of hyperpigmentation

In addition to the local treatment, it sometimes makes sense to clarify in a laboratory diagnosis whether, for example, an allergy, intolerance, lack of nutrients or an intestinal dysbiosis is jointly responsible for the skin inflammation.

In my practice in St. Gallen, the combination of medical cosmetics and internal treatment has proven to be particularly sustainable.


Properties of the process

Suitable for: moderate to severe acne
Treatments: three to five sessions between 15 to 21 days apart
Implementation: cleaning, Acnelan multifactor mask, 3D gel fiber mask, gel ampoule, skin protection
Pain: just feeling warm
Failure: skin is red and peels for two to seven days