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CHF 100.00 single procedure | CHF 450.00 session of 5 treatments | CHF 850.00 session of 10 treatments
ca. 60 min
Treatment Session

Facial massage

Anti-Age facial massage created by me

Lifting without a scalpel!

Intensive firming massage created by me for strengthening the muscles and face contour. A unique method of facial modeling and rejuvenation – lifting the cheeks, reducing wrinkles, improving skin firmness and density.

I created this massage as a natural method of fighting against sagging skin. Facial muscles as well as body muscles need regular stimulation and training so that they do not sag. If you do not want loose skin in the cheek area, it is certainly worth thinking about massage as a basic anti-aging method as soon as possible. Strong massage on deep tissues in connection with lymphatic drainage, stimulates muscles even those deeply located and not used for many years, which are also poorly supplied with blood. Nutrition of tissues, blood flow and lymph in deep blood vessels occurs, which causes the excretion of deposits and metabolic products. It is also a great detox for the skin. Under this influence, rapid cell division and the formation of new collagen fibers are activated. In this way, you can also thicken the skin by up to 100 percent!  The connective tissue sticks to the skin with age, over the years it deforms to form wrinkles and furrows. Massage based on the force of pressure, makes the skin moisturized, oxygenated, regains a healthy color. I work on deep tissues to stimulate regeneration. Millimeter by millimeter I restore the muscles to their correct position. It works on the basis of an impulse that reminds our brain of the original position of the muscles.

The rejuvenating effect can be seen after the first treatment, although the reconstruction of collagen in the skin lasts up to 18 months! Which means we can look better and better. After plastic massage of muscles there is no stagnation effect, rejuvenating effect occurs after each subsequent one. After modeling, the face is always rested, relaxed and fresh. After surgery, many people see not only face lifting, wrinkle reduction, but also have a better mood. During the procedure, endorphins are released, i.e. happiness hormones, we feel better mentally. The effects of the treatments are permanent rejuvenation, although the amount of massage depends on the age and condition of deep tissues. It’s best to do several treatments, followed by one booster treatment every few weeks.


The face modeling method has no restrictions, no side effects. It can be used even for acne and sensitive or allergic skin. It is independent of age and gender. Massage is indicated even before and after surgery and aesthetic medicine. Correctly supplied blood and tissue will help prevent side effects of these treatments. The massage method is also used willingly by actors, businessmen who want to keep young appearance and a joyful, friendly, happy face. The effect of the treatments is more durable than traditionally used in cosmetics and does not carry the risk of complications.