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990.00 DEPIGMENTATION TREATMENT - include: treatment in practice +3 control visits after treatment +Home care products
ca. 60 min
Treatment Session



The world’s No. 1 in the treatment of pigment spots

The Cosmelan® product is a guaranteed therapy method for all types of melanin- related stains. In less than 20 days, the pigment spots are barely visible. The treatment is carried out without conventional bleaching agents and without deep peeling. The therapy runs without side effects and without skin irritation. The program mechanism of action is based not only on the inhibition of tyrosinase, a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process, but also causes the breakdown, drainage and elimination of melanin. Cosmelan® is one of the safest and most  powerful treatments for hyperpigmentation in the world.

  1. Cosmelan® mask 1 treatment
    the mask is applied in practice
  2. Cosmelan® 2 treatment
    Cosmelan® 2 is regularly applied at home 1-3 times a day at home.

Please pay attention to other treatments:

  • Peels appear superficial and the effect is not long-lasting
  • Laser treatments break up the pigment and are removed via the lymphatic system. If the lasering is too deep, the melanocytes are completely destroyed and unsightly white spots can arise.
  • A safer treatment system is in which the tyrosinase is stopped and the hyperpigmentation is stopped.


Problem solving with Cosmelan® at:

  • Pigment spots, melasmas (chloasms)
  • stains caused by hormones
  • drug-induced pigment disorders
  • Age spots (Lentigo senilis)
  • Freckles (ephelids)
  • Sun damage (Lentigo solares)


Treatment benefits with Cosmelan®

  • without conventional bleach or deep peeling
  • visible results in less than 20 days
  • in 99% of cases without serious side effects
  • very quick pigment spot removal without peeling
  • can also be used in the sun-intensive season
  • offers a high level of security
  • compatible with all skin types


How it works?

  • Phyto- and Kojic acid prevent the 1st stage of melanin synthesis by inhibiting the action of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is responsible for the oxidation of melanin. This simply suppresses the formation of skin pigments.
  • Arbutin, a fir extract, is a natural active ingredient from plant origin, which in combination with the Kojic acid accelerates the breakdown and dehydration of the melanin.
  • The presence of high-dose vitamin A in the form of retinyl palmitate prevents melanin from oxidizing. It binds the oxygen to itself. This prevents the production of melanin.
  • Due to the simultaneous stimulation of capillary blood flow, the skin looks much clearer, fresher and more youthful.


Depigmentation treatment process with Cosmelan®

After intensive treatment in the practice, the appropriate home care is then carried out under my supervision. You will notice a significant improvement in the skin a week after the start. After the treatment is over, the spots have disappeared so that you can no longer see any traces or shadows of the former pigment spots. You can find supportive care products with me. The advantage over other therapies is that you usually only need one treatment.