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60 - 90 min
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Diego Dalla Palma - Body

Drainage treatment for heavy legs

Legs – a weapon of seduction, but also a means to support and move our body.  Maintaining their integrity is necessary not only for their beauty, but also for general well-being. Individual predispositions, unbalanced and often salty diet, sedentary lifestyle characterized by work, which forces you to sit or stand for several hours and wear tight clothes and high heels, causes that microcirculation slows down forming swelling under the skin. Legs and ankles seem swollen, as well as a feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the extremities, capillary fragility, pain. Such problems generally affect women (of all ages) and increase with the onset of summer heat or at certain times (pregnancy, hormonal changes, menopause).



A DRAINING TREATMENT FOR HEAVY LEGS has been specially developed to immediately relieve heavy and tired legs and to counteract imperfections caused by cellulite due to fluid stagnation. Thanks to the combination of treatments in the cabin and  products for home use, the legs become light and healthier. The preparations are based on natural active ingredients that are also suitable for pregnant women or those with thyroid problems


The strength of the treatments: DRAINING SALT COMPLEX

A mixture of 5 draining salts – magnesium, calcium and potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate and sodium bromide – in pure form and carefully selected for its numerous remineralizing and detoxifying properties. They help drain excess fluid and stimulate skin and lymph circulation to prevent water and toxins from accumulating under the skin. Our drainage salts are 100% natural and are extracted by extraction in the deep waters of the Dead Sea to protect their purity against pollution. They are characterized by a high content of osmotic drainage of magnesium chloride and sulfate.


Useful tips that will help shape your legs:

  • It is best to take small steps and care for leg health to prevent diseases caused by poor circulation.
  • Exercise at least a little bit of physical activity every day to maintain muscle flexibility and leg veins.
  • Avoid eating fatty or salty foods that cause fluid retention.
  • Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.
  • Avoid standing or sitting in the same position for too many hours.
  • Wear compression tights and / or socks.
  • Do not wear high heels too often.
  • Avoid sun exposure during the hottest times of the day. Do not exceed them in UV lamps, saunas and Turkish baths, because the heat causes the veins to expand.
  • Cold baths or showers help improve blood circulation.



To get an even better result, you can combine the procedure with microdermabrasion.