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CHF 179.00
90 min. (+microdermabrasion)
Treatment Session

Diego Dalla Palma


Hydratation – moisturising of dry skin
Hydration and filling for an anti-age plumping action. Cell bio-revitalisation and multi-dimensional hydration: a hydro replenishing treatment that refreshes and restores firmness to dry, dehydrated skin. Enhanced with HYALU4PLUMP. The health of the skin depends on the integrity of its hydrolipidic film and how well it works as a barrier. When changed, trans-epidermal water loss increases and the skin becomes dehydrated, dry, thin, and more susceptible to wrinkling. The skin feels uncomfortable and tense. The regulation of the water content of the skin also depends on the skin cells, as these regulate the protective barrier and form lipids, sugars and other components that are essential for water binding in the skin.


The Moisturizing treatment promotes cellular bio-revitalization and the reactivation of the moisturizing genes: the way to enhance beauty and to refresh dry and dehydrated skin and maintain its well-being. Reinforced with the Hydra-Gen complex. Especially for moisturizing facials, the 51 + 3 HYALU COMPLEX contains hyaluronic acids
and ceramides (lipid derivatives that act as intercellular cement in the skin barrier) to counteract the water loss of the skin and provide optimal protection against external influences

Active ingriedients

HYALU4PLUMP – hyaluronic acid is a major structural and functional component of the skin. It is the main component of the dermis -the innermost layer that supports the skin- and maintains its firmness and plumpness. It also plays a key role in maintaining optimal hydration levels in all the layers of the skin. The ultra-hydrating molecule par excellence, hyaluronic acid acts like a “sponge” and is essential for containing water loss and protecting the skin from dehydration and ageing. HYALU4PLUMP is a calibrated complex of 4 different types of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights:

  • high molecular weight hyaluronic acid for retaining water on the surface of the skin, smoothing and protecting it;
  • medium and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for retaining water in the middle layers of the epidermis and strengthening the skin’s barrier functions;
  • mini hyaluronic acid, with very low molecular weight and very high penetration capacity, that encourages regeneration in the skin’s deeper layers and stimulates the production of “new substances” with a marked filling and plumping effect. For renewed comfort, hydration and firmness of the skin.


Strictly proven effectiveness. Plumped, hydrated and more radiant skin in just 30 days.

  • Plumper skin + 100%
  • Reduction of fine wrinkles + 95%
  • Increase in hydration + 80%
  • Increase in radiance + 75%