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CHF 120.00 single procedure
ca. 60 min
Treatment Session



Lybra® Bodyforming ultrasounds+infrared targeted body shaping and cellulite treatment

Lose weight while lying down!

Already after the first trial treatment,
2-4 cm less circumference less!

The Lybra® Ultra System means neuromuscular stimulation in combination with ultrasound, lymphatic drainage and infrared to your desired figure. This method offers success not only in volume and fat reduction, but also in pain therapy.


The advantages of the Divina method

Before and after measurement: Guaranteed to lose 2-5 cm in body size after  the first session! After the first, fifth and tenth treatment, I record the effectiveness of the treatment through the unique synergies of HFT®, HRS® and Piezo 3® in the form of a measurement of the body size.  You can also test a trial treatment with me at any time.

Bodyforming with infrared successfully at:

  • weight loss
  • targeted fat loss
  • circumference reduction
  • permanently reduce cellulite
  • activation of fat metabolism
  • muscle building
  • formation of new muscle fibers
  • purification
  • removal of “sides”
  • whole body and selective training
  • improve your condition
  • improvement of general well-being
  • alleviate urinary incontinence
  • strengthening the pelvic floor
  • shortening the rehabilitation period

Piezo3 Ultrasound Technology®

The ultrasound heats up the treated tissue. On the one hand, the collagen tissue contracts and the skin above is tightened. On the other hand, the membrane of the fat cells in question is dissolved, which can cause the release of triglycerides from the fat cells. These are broken down into fatty acids and glycerol, which are ultimately excreted via the liver. So that this can be done successfully, the Lybra® Ultra technology also stimulates the lymph flow.

Human resonance technology HRS®

The Lybra® Ultra system works with the vibrations of your own body and thus enables an enormous potential effect with immediately visible and measurable results (e.g. 2 – 5 cm circumference reduction after the first fat reduction treatment). Far more muscle fibers are stimulated than would be possible through sporting activity: action potential of over 90% (compared to 30% of a professional athlete during training) and this without stress on the ligaments, tendons and joints.

Human frequency technology HFT®

The Lybra® Ultra system is the only device in the world that measures the local density of fat and muscle mass as well as the fluid in the cells and tissues precisely and with high precision before each treatment and adapts the program specifically to the individual physique of the user.



Lybra® trial treatment : ca. 60 min  |  Price: CHF 120.00

Lybra® 1.Session of 10 treatments  |  Price: CHF 1200.00

Lybra® 2. Session of 10 treatments  |  Price: CHF 990.00

Lybra® VIP : Year session consists of 1 treatment per week CHF 3500.00  |  CHF 290.00  monthly cost

Lybra® VIP: Half-year session consists of 1 treatment per week  |  CHF 1970.00

(Sessions can be paid in installments)