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CHF 179.00
60 min (+microdermabrasion)
Treatment Session

Diego Dalla Palma


Perfection – antioxidant-vitamin-tension
Targeted treatments for special needs. The beauty treatment that provides smart and customised solutions for each skin type.

As it is known, free radicals are one of the main causes of skin aging. Their number increases with age due to a progressive reduction of the physiological antioxidant defences, and as a result of exposure to environmental agents (sun, smoke, pollution, cold, wind, changes in temperature). Because of their high reactivity, they damage skin cells, causing oxidative stress that accelerates the degeneration of cell membranes, as well as of the lipids protecting the structural components of the skin, and collagen and elastin fibers. Skin tends to lose hydration, firmness and elasticity, giving way to wrinkles, age spots, making skin more fragile and dry.



The antioxidant treatment in 3 phases; Astaxantin, Biotin, Vitamin C is a shock treatment with a high concentration of active ingredients, specifically formulated for toneless skin, characterised by discolorations, wrinkles and uneven complexion. It consists of three highly concentrated and complementary phases to achieve optimal effectiveness: skin is more radiant, firmer, refreshed and smoother. For a fresh and revitalised face. At the heart of the PERFECTION – SKIN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS treatment there is a mix of active ingredients carefully selected for each product, aimed at strengthening the skin defences and stimulating the skin regeneration, combating the signs of aging, photo- aging and stress.



Visible and verified results in just 30 days: (3 professional treatments + homecare kit 30 days strategy):

  • Smoothness of the skin + 90 %
  • Radiance of the skin + 90%
  • Elasticity of the skin + 16%
  • Reduction in the number of wrinkles & deep lines – 15 %