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Skinceuticals is an American brand that offers advanced skincare preparations based on the advanced research of prominent scientists. For years, the brand has been a pioneer in creating new generation cosmoceutics and is the undisputed leader among specialized skin care formulas. The founder of Skinceuticals is an outstanding scientist, professor of dermatology, Dr. Sheldon Pinnel, who has over 40 years of experience in clinical research on aging, diseases and skin cancers. He has published over 200 medical articles on the use of antioxidants, collagen synthesis and photo-damage. Thanks to his groundbreaking research, the company has become a leader in scientifically proven skin care. The doctor gathered the best scientists in the field of cell and molecular biology, chemistry and physics and together with them studied the aging process of the skin. Thanks to comprehensive knowledge, he created skincare formulas recognized as the best in the industry.


Over the past thirty years, Dr. Pinnel’s research has brought him 10 patents, of which the most important and groundbreaking contributed to the creation of the Skinceuticals brand. It refers to the stability of topical use of vitamin C, and is now known as the “Patent for the use of antioxidants at Duk University”. Three further patents complement the first and concern the protection of the formula ingredients used in Skin Firming Cream and Eye Cream creams, protection of the combination used in Skin Ceuticals C + E line products, and protection of the formula used in Skin C products based on Floretine. All patents form a solid foundation for Skinceuticals antioxidant products.

Brand philosophy

At Skinceuticals, product philosophy and educational programs are based on a properly conducted skin care program. It is based on three basic principles: Prevent, Protect and Correct. Care lines are selected depending on the type of skin and the accompanying ailments. Such properly applied steps allow to maintain health and good appearance of the skin and respond to threats resulting from the harmful effects of the environment, minimizing its negative impact on the skin.

Brand promise

The brand’s mission is to improve health and thus good skin appearance. The preparations have clinically proven effect, confirmed by scientific research. Formulas containing active substances were created as a result of many years of research on the skin, its aging processes and diseases, including cancer. Skinceuticals prioritizes skin health by making it its primary responsibility. In addition, scientists headed by Dr. Pinnel are involved in supporting important educational programs that promote knowledge of skin health and the safety of preparations used.
Skinceuticals is a permanent ally of MELANOMA RESEARCH ALLIANCE – a skin melanoma research association, to which it has passed its support in research into finding a cure for a malignant skin cancer. In addition, it supports and advances skin science and is a sponsor of awards for young scientists promoting innovative research methods. cosmeceuticals Skinceuticals preparations offer advanced formulas rich in active ingredients that provide the skin with biological benefits, with clinically proven effectiveness. They ensure the improvement of skin quality thanks to their skillfully developed and non- standard care programs. They are recommended by numerous scientific institutes, pharmacies, dermatological clinics and plastic surgeons as premium products that correct the effects of aging as well as prevent future skin damage.

  1. STEP – Prevention
    The cosmoceutics of this line provide the highest possible protection against skin damage caused by environmental factors such as UV radiation and free radicals. They provide the most advanced protection against photoaging, thanks to specially developed sunscreens and antioxidants. The line offers, among others preparations with antioxidants for eye care – AOX Eye Gel, accelerating cell renewal – Phloretin CF, Phloretin CF Gel and providing lipid supplementation – CE Ferulic.
  2. STEP – Protection
    Sunscreens provide a wide spectrum of total UVA / UVB protection and protect the skin against sunburn. Unlike preparations of the older generation, Skinceuticals filters give an aesthetic finish on the skin, without white sticky glow. This line of cosmoceutics includes matting mineral fluid without parabens – Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF 50, a mineral filter that adds radiance and emphasizes skin tone – Mineral Radiance UV Defense SPF50 and a moisturizing sunscreen containing the latest filters – Ultra Facial Defense SPF 50.
  3. STEP – Correcting
    Corrective preparations are based on advanced technologies for the transport of active ingredients strengthening, brightening and exfoliating, thanks to which they correct fine wrinkles, discoloration and acne. The range of products in this line is very rich, including cream correcting dark circles and swelling around the eyes – AGE Eye Complex, a preparation preventing unwanted pigmentation and correcting existing discolorations – Advanced Pigment Corrector, or treatment for mature skin with acne problem – Blemish Age Defense. It also contains a product that reduces irritation and unwanted redness of the skin – Redness Neutralizer, night cream with retinol – Retinol 0.3/0.5/1.0, or medications cream dedicated to dry, prematurely aging skin – Face Cream.


The product lines of the brand respond to many skin ailments related to age, hypersensitivity, discoloration or persistent acne. Specially developed preparations allow you to create complementary care, containing the most important steps to restore skin comfort, good appearance and ensure health and safety amid the harmful effects of the external environment every day.