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CHF 175.00 single procedure | CHF 670.00 session of 4 treatments
ca. 30 min
Treatment Session
One treatment every 4 weeks

Chemical peels

Xylogic RETIX C

Wonderful anti-aging therapy
It is a revolutionary therapy that renews the face, neck and cleavage, with retinol and vitamin C. Regenerates, rejuvenates, renews and stimulates skin own functions. Intensive treatment with a very strong exfoliation effect.

ActiCell 40% complex / Retinol 4%

  • regulates intercellular processes,
  • lightening skin discoloration,
  • removes callous epidermis

Vit. C 8%

  • detoxifies deep layers of the skin,
  • gives the skin a healthy glow,
  • protects collagen and elastin fibers

Antioxidants 30%

  • they form a protective layer on the skin,
  • make the skin firmer and more elastic,
  • protects against UV radiation

The treatment is very pleasant and consists of two components that are gently massaged one after the other. There is intense, strong blood circulation in the skin. A retinol mask is applied and the client removes it after about 6-8 hours at home with plenty of water. On the third day after the procedure there is a strong exfoliating effect that lasts for 2-3 days, which means that skin repair processes have begun. There is light burning and itching. During this therapy, a sunscreen cream with high sun protection 50 Spf and a special cream from Vit A, C from Xylogic are used. It would be advisable to carry out this procedure on Wednesday, so that strong peeling of the skin can take place at the weekend.


Indication for treatment:

  • restoration of collagen fibers, elastin and increase of GAG (skin component)
  • wrinkles
  • signs of aging of sun-damaged skin
  • gray leather, flabby
  • loss of skin tone
  • smoker’s skin
  • skin hyperkeratosis
  • slight blemishes
  • stretch marks; breasts, stomach, buttocks, thighs